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An Experienced and Knowledgeable Probate Lawyer

Attorney Harrington has been handling matters in probate court throughout Fairfield County for 25 years. Contact him for a consultation.

Estate and Administration Conservatorship

Attorney Harrington handles all aspects of decedent's estates including filing necessary forms with the probate court, paying or defending creditor claims, unwinding businesses, litigation including wrongful death actions and business disputes, through final distributions to beneficiaries and closing of the estates.


Individuals at risk, such as the very young, the elderly, and the mentally impaired, can depend on me to provide legal services related to probate. I act as the conservator of these individuals at risk. In addition, I can represent them in hearings before the probate court to protect their rights.

As a conservator, I keep the individual in their own home, provided that it is safe and practical while constantly communicating with family members. Conservatorships entail managing someone’s estate and making medical decisions on their behalf. This is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I also maintain sensitivity to the difficult situations that can dramatically affect my clients’ and their family’s lives.

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