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Divorce Law

Attorney Harrington will provide you with highly personalized representation from initial consultation through the conclusion of your matter. You will receive understanding and sensitive attention to your case, whether it is dissolution of marriage, custody and support for unmarried parents, or post judgement matters involving conflicts that arise after your divorce.

John specializes in highly contested cases, including spouses with substance abuse and personality disorders.

Division of Property and Debt

How debt and property will be distributed during a divorce proceeding, for example, what constitutes marital property or separate property, are factors that come in to play during a divorce. The clients also must consider how debt should be allocated in a divorce.

Spousal Support/Alimony/Maintenance

Most of the time, one spouse will be mandated by law to provide monetary support to the other spouse and children for a given amount of time. There are many factors that come in to play to determine the time limit and the amount that should be given. Attorney Harrington's expertise and assistance is vital to a favorable outcome.

Child Custody and Visitation

Agreements on whether a child of divorce will reside full-time or part-time with each parent, visitation rights, holiday schedules and more are all discussed here. Many factors are considered here, including the best interest of the child.

Child Support

Child Support is the monetary obligation a parent must pay the other parent for the expenses of their minor children.  Attorney Harrington will also address child support addresses medical and/or health insurance coverage, school expenses, and other related matters.

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